Our Services & Equipment

Grading & Levelling

40 HP Tractor with loader and bucket, gravel maintainer. Works well grading gravel laneways, leveling topsoil, cottage lanes and roads, leveling dirt as well as many other uses.

Float and Trailer Freight

Float Trailer – 24 feet deck over with power tilt, winch system. We can move hay, airplanes, vehicles, culverts, lumber, etc. Our 25 foot tilt bed trailer can haul a wide variety of things for you. Contact us for details.

Lawn Maintenance

John Deere tractor with 6 ft Bush Hog and 6 ft Finishing mower.

Spring Clean Up, Skid Transport, Landscaping

Tractors with front forks to lift skids of material, or brush and logs, landscaping stones, spring clean ups etc.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinder for removing various sizes of tree stumps, pathways, walking trails, around your home, etc. Our compact tractors can get in places the big guys can’t. Give us a call or email us with your requirements.

Post Hole Digging

Post Hole Auger for fencing, pole barns, decks, etc.

Roto Tilling

Rotary Tiller for your garden, levelling soil so you can plant a lawn, etc. Give us a call for the project you need completed and we will have the right attachment to complete the job in a professional manner.


Landscaper Attachment does a huge amount of tasks like grading laneways, trails, ball diamonds, horse arenas, levelling soil, preparing soil for grass seed etc.

Brush Removal

We have forks for our equipment and can move brush and logs on your property.

Laneway repairs and grading

Had a wash out from a rain storm, we can fix that. Have a laneway or parking lot full of pot holes, we can fix that. With our Landscaper attachment we can level soil, grade drive ways and repair severe washouts. Just contact us for your next project.