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About Us

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TractorWorks.ca is a company for the property owner whether it be private or commercial we have equipment and attachments to accomplish a wide variety of tasks you might need around your property. The concept is that for any task it sometimes takes a bit of extra muscle from a piece of machinery to complete your project. We supply the equipment and operator for the specific portions of the project requiring the attachment best suited for the job while you are hands on for the rest of the project. This keeps the cost of your project to a minimum and eliminates the need for equipment purchases or rentals and capital outlay required just to complete one or a few tasks. Having a large selection of attachments we are confident we have the equipment to keep your project on schedule and on budget. See a list of our attachments on our web site and reach out to us to see the various ways we utilize these attachments to cover a broad range of tasks. We will also be adding pictures and videos to our web site to give you ideas on how to utilize our business for your projects.

  • Loader
  • Post Hole Auger
  • Bush Hog Mower
  • Landscaper
  • Rotary Tilling


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